Hi! We're Margaret & Nikala!

Two friends calling Montana home!

We both share an interest in gardening, canning, chickens, feeding our husbands endless appetites and being outside more than being inside.

We love sharing our ups and downs in gardening, the endless reason why everyone should have chickens, and the recipes which turn our hungry husbands into happy husbands!

You may notice that we both mention about 'home' in our posts. That is because Montana isn't our past home; just our future home.

Margaret is from New Hampshire and Nikala is from British Columbia, two places that are more similar with each other than with Montana! But, little by little, Montana is turning into home.

When in Montana, we both refer to New Hampshire/British Columbia as home, but when we are in NH/BC, home is Montana.

Thank you for following us as we share little bits and pieces of what makes Montana our current and future home!