Why You Should Grow Morning Glories

Because during the summer and growing season, I don’t have time to sit and blog I”m realizing. 
So here is a garden post in December. 

A lot of my gardening inspiration comes from my mom and my aunty. They both have gorgeous gorgeous gardens. However, from what I can remember, they don’t grow morning glories! So, I”m not sure what inspired me to grow them, probably seeing all sorts of varieties of flower seeds in the stores in the spring. 
Anyways, in 2016, I discovered morning glories. And how amazing they grow, how beautiful vertical gardening is, and how well they do good in our hot and dry summers. 

My first year doing morning glories, I had a little stick teepee, which by the end of the summer, was a mass of vines and flowers, and then a ‘wall’ of them. I just had two posts with chicken wire between the two posts. That ‘wall’ was over a foot wide or deep in the flowers, as they just continue to climb and grow over each other. In the picture below, you can really see just how thick those morning glories grew. Hard to believe its just chicken wire under them!

Once MG’s get going, they realllly get going! The next two photos were taken July 26, and August 9. 

Then 2017 came around. And I was totally in love with vertical gardening. Saves space, and looks great, what’s not to love? I had 5 different spots in my garden where I had MG growing. Plus some volunteer ones from the year before. (Yup, they self seeded for me)
I had saved a lot of MG seeds from the year before and think I only bought 1 pack. I had bought some red and white ones in honor of it being Canada’s 150 birthday this past summer. Welll, those ones were slow to bloom, and then bloomed pink. 
This pink flowering teepee below was the first and original teepee I had in my garden. And it was its last year. I pulled the crooked sticks out and have other plans for this coming year!


There had been a couple old wagon wheels kicking around my garden, and it wasn’t until this last year that I loved how I used it! The majority of the MG’s below on that wheel and the ground were volunteer ones. Which worked out good because the dill and california poppies completely took over that one area early spring and choked out the other seeds I had planted. Thankfully the morning glories filled the gap!

I had seen on someone’s instagram, how they had used the ring  from an old wagon wheel in their garden. I had one kicking around in my garden so I put it to use. I planted morning glories on the outside, and beans in the middle. Buuut, the beans got swallowed up pretty quickly!
The photo below was taken Aug 8.

This one below was taken Aug 29. Crazy how much growth can happen in less than a month!

I’ve planted various things along the west side of my garden the past few years. You can read here and scroll a ways to see the wall of sunflowers I did against the west fence in my garden a couple years ago. This year though, I did morning glories. And I Loved it, SO much! The fence is 6′ tall, and the morning glories didn’t slow down until the frost came. I’ve yet to see how tall they’ll grow!


The final spot I had morning glories were just a ‘wall’ in the middle of my garden. They didn’t grow as densely as I only had string between wire for them to climb. But I love the spindly wildflower look they were. 

As you can see, morning glories grow really well in our climate. We are a zone 4, mostly. Hard to know as this last year our last frost was May 30, and first frost was September 4. That’s a short season really. Not only is our season often short, it’s almost Always hot. July was 90-100F(30-38C) the whole month. That is harsh! But these morning glories seemed to thrive in it. They don’t seem to need any exceptional watering treatment either. Some got more water than others, but they still did fine. 
I highly suggest anyone who loves flowers, gardening, and vertical gardening, to grow morning glories! There are a ton of different varieties and colours available too!

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