L.I.F.E. #7 A New Year A New Habit

So 2018 has begun. In my house it was less than eventful. Well I guess I shouldn’t put it that way…the events weren’t your typical party-til-midnight-happy-go-lucky events…

Ryan drove 2 hrs to go grocery shopping and pick up our Azure order. It has been ice cold and snowing for days. On the way back his pick-up gave out. Thankfully he made it back to our town before this happened.

Thankfully we have a super nice and helpful neighbor who went and pulled him home at 8:30pm on NYE! I was home and couldn’t leave to get him because I was in the process of putting Rhett to bed. A process which last night took 2 hours!!

The first thing I asked Ryan when he walked through the door was, “Is it a full moon tonight?”. 

It wasn’t but strange things were clearly happening. Tonight is in fact the full moon so watch out!

In other news it got down to -25 degrees last night. Yowzah!

Hello 2018!!

Well, I was going to write about your basic, run-of-the-mill new year resolutions. In case anyone is curious, mine are to go to bed with a clean kitchen, stick to my chore schedule and get my grocery shopping organized and under control.

But as for a new habit I have an idea up me sleeve that has been brewing for quite sometime. 

There are some beautiful hills on the ranch thwt you can see from our house. (If you’ve read any of my posts, you know it has taken me years to call them beautiful!) 

They look different absolutely every day. Some days they’re snow covered, lush and green or brown and dry.  On occassion there is an undercast and often they’re silloutted against a stunning sunset. Some days they’re simply gone-swallowed up in smoke or fog or look larger than life sparkling in the sunshine. 

I’ve had the idea of capturing all of this, my goal is to take one picture every day of the hills. I’m not going to be picky about what time, just whenever I get out there. That way they won’t all be sunsets. I’m just going to put my camera on a gate brace post and snap. Let’s hope the post I have in mind is level 😉.

Oh this is going to be fun! And gorgeous!! I may have to keep it up after this year because I already know I’m going to miss a few days…forgetfulness, busyness, traveling.  

You’re probably wondering what the significance of the pictures are in this post. Well look closely…the hills make the backdrop of them all! See what I mean? Pretty and ALWAYS different!! 

Do I see a coffee table book in my future, perhaps. Some Christmas presents, definitely!

What ideas have been simmering in your brain that get to see the light in 2018??

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