Daisy, My Almost Milk Cow

If you know me, or have been following along here for a while, you’ll know that I have a ‘milk cow’. But not quite. She hasn’t had her calf yet, so has no milk coming in, so I’m not milking her. However, we own an angus x brown swiss who is pregnant with a guernsey heifer(female) calf, due to calve in a couple weeks!   

Last December we started taming Daisy down. I’m pretty sure she knew her name as whenever we’d see her, we’d call her name and talk to her. But she needed to know me! I got her decently tamed down. She’d let me pet her, brush her, etc. Then she went out with the rest of her heifer friends as calving started and she had no need to be close by when we needed the space for mama’s and their babes. While she was out with her friends for 5 months or so, she got less friendly. But then we moved her and her friends to the pasture right next to my garden and they learned pretty quickly that if I was in my garden, there was weeds thrown over their fence, cake(alfalfa pellets) to handout, and then all the corn from my garden clean up! Daisy got much friendlier that way, and I got a couple more heifers unintentionally tamed down. (How to tame a cow: have food for them)

The past month or so, Daisy and her friends have been in the pasture right next to the house/around the lot. I’d go visit her a couple times a day, and she is often waiting for me (or the fed truck) at the gate, which is on my way to the chickens. I had been giving her cake, so she was always looking for a handout. If I didn’t have any, she wasn’t all that interested in me. However, in the last couple weeks, she’s gotten SUPER friendly and kind. I keep a brush out there and she’ll just stand and want me to brush her for a long time. If I stop brushing, she nudges me, or rubs her head up against me. It’s as though she knows we are going to get even closer once she has her baby. 

She’s getting so big, and So nice and gentle! 

She’s not a fan of neck hugs though. Feel free to take note of my short short bibs. I didn’t realize they were That short until I saw this pic, and then I couldn’t stop laughing about it. My bibs are a kids size 12. I thought they fit me great! The good thing with short bibs is that they don’t drag in the mud(poop). 

When we first were taming Daisy, last year, I’d feed her and visit her throughout the day as Jed would be at work. He’d try to visit her, but she was too snobby, and didn’t like him. He then spent more time with her and she trusted him. This past summer we’d both often feed her treats, so she learned to like him. However, having been away from the garden/Jed for a few months, she went back to not liking him. Unless he has cake for her, ha! She’s getting better as we’ve been visiting her more and more. She still likes me the most though!

Our heifers (first time momma’s) are due to calve the first week of February. That means in just a couple of weeks Daisy will have her baby, and a bit after she’s calved, I’ll get to start milking her! I cannot wait for that!

I’m realizing that I don’t have much about Daisy up on this blog. That’ll change! But you can check out this post to see young Daisy when she was brown, and had light ear tips, and when I started taming her, last winter. 

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2 Responses to Daisy, My Almost Milk Cow

  1. Hey, Nikala! I have been thinking about you lots and of you almost getting to get milk from your milk cow! I deleted Facebook and insta so I never get to talk to you, you should email me. Would love to catch up. I hope you & Daisy are well!

    • Hi! Daisy is getting close! We noticed today that she is more bagged up than she was yesterday, so her time is coming! I’m going to shoot you an email!

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