Not So Wild Barn Cats

First of all, I can’t believe I’m writing a post about CATS! If you know me, you know I’m not a cat person, at all. However, I’ve come to like barn cats because a) they don’t demand attention 24/7 b) they keep to themselves, c) we don’t have to worry about watering them as they drink out of the bull water tank which runs 24/7 d) we have not seen a mouse in the shop, or haystack in 2 years! (My husband grew up stabbing mice with his pitch fork in the haystack..#ranchkid!) But that tells you how much all the cats have really kept the mice out of sight.

A couple years ago we got 3 barn cats from some friends of ours. They were w i l d! We kept them in a little area so we could tame them down. Two got sort of tamed down, sort of, and then we got them fixed, and a week later one disappeared.  (Of course. We pay to get them fixed and then it’s never seen again.) 

The one we never got tamed down, of course was a female, and of course got pregnant from a wild tomcat. 
We managed to get rid of all but one of those kittens. 
Fast forward the next year, she got pregnant Again!(Still not tame enough to fix.)
This time we were determined to keep the kittens tamed down. These were some super pretty calico kittens. We had got them to the point they were Just starting to come to us, when their mom took them. We found them, brought them back, and then 2 days later they were ALL gone. We looked and looked and looked, and kept our eyes out for these kittens and never saw a sign of them for quite a few weeks. Jed randomly saw one kitten in the shelter belt, a ways away from the buildings, brought it back, and then it was gone shortly after. And then one day I was headed out to feed our calves and there were some kittens! Acting like they’ve been around the whole time. Anyways, 4/5 were back, and we, mainly Jed, managed to tame them down. When they see Jed come out, they all start running towards him ha! We’ve yet to see their mom, and we are 100% fine with that since she was a brat and moved her kittens so we couldn’t tame them!

Check out how pretty these ones are!

We used to fill their feeder up for a week but a skunk discovered it, so now Jed feeds them every morning (hence why they all run to him)

It’s actually close to impossible to get a still picture of 4 cats….

The other morning I was walking to my chickens and kept hearing a cat meowing. I didn’t think anything of it, but then was like, no, that’s not normal. It was meowing by the bull pen so I thought maybe it had got stuck in the manure or something. I turned around to find it and found it stuck in the wall! On the other side, there’s plywood up, and apparently this cat thought it was wise to hide behind it, but get stuck….(it may have been dog induced tho…) 

That cat on the top of the 14-16′ pole, is these kittens aunt. She loves to be up high and keep an eye on everything. She goes to the haystack, to the very top, and sits against a bale just watching everything. 
The kitten here wanted up with her, but she didn’t make room for it, so it had to reverse alll the way down!
(sorry for the poor quality was taken just before it was dark!)

I still can hardly believe I wrote a post about cats, but when they aren’t in my house, or any building aside from outside haysheds and old buildings, I like them! These ones don’t like to be petted usually, and if they do, its just for a brief moment!

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