L.I.F.E.#6-Holiday Traditions

Much similar to my last L.I.F.E series post, Holiday Recipes, I can’t say we’ve got much of a holiday tradition going. We really don’t celebrate Christmas. Growing up, we more so took advantage of the fact that all us kids, and my dad were off school and work, for two weeks. That meant lots of baking, food, snowmobiling, tobagganing, skiing, skating (can you tell I’m Canadian yet?!) friends over, and usually a gift exchange at some point.
Then I grew up, and no longer had days off because of school, and then I got married. We still don’t celebrate Christmas, and Christmas day is much the same as the other days, because we own cows. Cows still need to be fed, water tanks still need to be broke free of ice, if it’s a cold winter, etc. 
However, I DO like to make an extra special breakfast on Christmas Day, whether be this Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake or a blueberry biscuit.  
It’s actually hard to write this post as since we don’t go anywhere for the holidays, because a) cows b) we live 3 hours from any town worth going to c) we are actually quite content to stay at home! 
Since my husband also does tile work, he normally plans his jobs to be done before the holidays, as most people don’t want someone working on their house when they have company. That means Jed is home, and always keeping busy.
I’ve mentioned 2910x before that we own cows, and have to feed them. That usually takes until lunch time. Around here, we aren’t in any huge hurry to start feeding. We don’t feed in the dark anyways, so it’s not until 8 or so that we even start, at the earliest. That means Jed and I get a slow start to the day, which is my favourite! Usually that entails pancakes, waffles, french toast or another ‘specialty breakfast’ as he calls it. Then we start feeding. Last year we had a lot of snow and my fil would go in front to plow a path so we could even get to the feeders, and then plow a spot to roll out the hay. On those days, it took nearly 6 hours to feed. 
I guess all this rambling is trying to say that our life really doesn’t change much just because it’s the winter holidays. We haven’t made any tradition yet, and since we don’t have kids, we don’t have no school days to affect us! 
However, I am a suck for routine and traditions, so maybe I Should start some!

Some of my favourite kinds of breakfasts..fruit, muffins or biscuits, eggs of some sort. These are more frequent when Jed is home for a while and after a Costco trip!(for the produce)

Do you have any holiday traditions? What do you do?

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