2017 Garden Review

I’m not generally one to look back at garden photos in the middle of winter and just long for that again, as odd as that sounds. I like to embrace each season and day as it comes. We know the summers are hot and spent in the garden. But once my garden gets its first freeze, (Sept 4 this year) I give up on it. I’m ready for winter, and ready for inside projects, pasture walks, and flannel shirts!
However, I do enjoy looking back at my garden photos and being reminded of how much growth can happen in just a few short months when you spend the time and energy caring for it.
This past year we got our last freeze May 30, June was relatively cool, July was HOT, (like 33C/90F or hotter Every day) on the first day of August the temps dropped, and was so nice and cool, at least compared to what July was, and Sept 4 my garden got it’s first freeze. That left 94 days in between the last and first frost, a HOT month, NO rain from April-Sept. After seeing what my garden produced in just over 3 months left me proud!
Do you garden? What are your favourites to grow? I love all flowers, but my top 3 ‘must have’s are marigolds, sunflowers and zinnias! Comment below with your fav!
So I’ll let the photos do the talking. Some of my garden favs!


Click here to see my 2014-2016 gardens and here to see last years flower garden which I loved!
I’ve been doing the no til garden method for now my second year, and am seeing great results. Margaret has a great post about her no til garden here which I highly suggest checking out if you’re considering or wondering about that. 

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