L.I.F.E #2 It’s Not All About Me Anymore

This week in the L.I.F.E. Series we’re talking about “me time”. How do we fit it in to our busy schedules? What do we like to do to recharge?  What happens when there’s no time for me time?

Before Rhett was born I had all the me time a me could ever want. Even an introverted me.

Ryan worked (still does you can’t have 2 tenses in 1 sentence ahh) hard all day 6 days a week and I bee-bopped around the house, yard & ranch. I’ve gotten countless chores done, read numerous books and walked literally hundreds of miles around this ranch! All by my lonesome. I wasn’t the least bit lonely, of course.

I would often pack up lunch and walk out to wherever Ryan was working-no matter the distance-and ride along with him for a few hours. 

These were my me times…when it doubt, walk it out. 

It dawned on me recently that may be my recent sassy, sarcastic, ungrateful attitude stemmed from the sudden change in how I spend my time. I went from the above mentioned 70% alone time to zero. Just plain zero. Funny thing about babies…they’re ALWAYS there.  Every time you turn around. Or look in front of you or to the side or down…usually not up but you really never know. 

I started thinking about a solution, what was something I could do once in a while by myself?

I couldn’t think of a thing.

Turns out, though I do want a little time to myself what I crave more is all together time.

I want to roll around on the floor taking turns tickling a baby belly.

I want to bring Rhett out to ride in a tractor Ryan’s working in.

I want to snuggle up on the couch and read a storybook.

This is why we live the life we do. It’s so that we can be together whether we’re working, playing or eating we’re experiencing life all together.

So, I’ll just take some extra long showers, relishing the aloneness and when I’m done, I’ll get out ready for some more family time out on the range.

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