LIFE Series#2: How I Carve out “me” time

This week in the L.I.F.E. Series we’re talking about “me time”. How do we fit it in to our busy schedules? What does ‘me’ time look like for me?

No matter our place in life, I think it’s safe to say we all can get sucked into the busyness of life and before we know it, we are behind in everyday chores, tired and wanting a day off, or a slow day.

I’ll be honest. I had a whole post written up, scheduled to post on Tuesday, and then I realized that no. No no. It was not what I thought was “me” time. So round 2 here we go!

I went for a 1.5hr walk out to see my cows today. Through 4 pastures, up and down the rough terrain and back again. I hadn’t gone for a good pasture walk in Quite the while. It was on the way back that I realized that my pasture walks are my ‘me’ time!
I don’t walk in the summer because 1) it’s too hot and 2) snakes. So fall, winter and spring are when I walk. My dogs favourite thing to do is go for walks, so I try to get us all out and walking as much as possible!

I often try to go get the mail, the 3x a week it comes. It’s a mile to the box, and then a mile back. Sometimes I like to do more ‘adventuring’ as I tell the dogs, and head out throughout a pasture somewhere. Our land is a fairly rough terrain with little creeks and big cliffs. Always something cool to explore!
My walks become more sparse in February/March as we keep super busy with calving, so any spare time I have I’m catching up on inside chores. But then once May rolls around and we are moving cows a lot more, I generally start out riding the four wheeler with Jed, and end up walking back! Good exercise, and helps keeps the cows moving.

While I really love these walks, I love more seeing how much my dogs love the walks. So many holes to sniff, rabbits to hunt down, antelope to chase, and if they’re lucky like today, a fox to chase! Not to mention the creeks they swim in, particularly in the spring.

It is always so nice to get away from the chores in the house/on the ranch and get walking the creeks and pastures, away from civilization, away from people, distractions and chores. I’m the kind of person who goes outside to do one thing and ends up doing 17 other things, and finally gets back inside way later!
It’s great to just walk and not be distracted by this or that, and if I am, it’s just a detour on my walk!

This fall. So beautiful!

This was from a couple years ago. But it’s all still there! The dogs love sniffing out all the holes and caves and cracks in hopes of finding rabbits to chase.

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