L.I.F.E. Series #4: Thankfulness

Seeing that thanksgiving has just passed, it was a good reminder to think of what I’m thankful for. 
While I’m most definitely thankful for the ‘basics’; good health, loving husband, family, friends etc, I think the one thing that I’m reminded of daily what I’m thankful for is where I live and the lifestyle I/we get to live. 

I never was someone who wanted to ‘marry a cowboy’ , or ‘live on a ranch’ sort of mentality. I’m a fairly adaptable person; a go with the flow, ‘it is what it is’ personality.
When we first were engaged, I remember saying “oh no, I’d never settle down there.(Montana). And I didn’t say that in a negative way, but rather in a way that it wasn’t even an idea that crossed my mind! Then the first year(s) married, we talked about moving to Canada, or moving here or there and doing this or that. Nothing serious, just talk, and then in the last few years, it just became clear that we were going to stay here. Put roots down. Raise our kids here. And I cannot imagine raising our kids anywhere But here.
While all my family is up in BC, and we see them 1-2x a year, I don’t miss them, (as harsh as that sounds haha)
I’m thankful for technology which makes it possible to be able to facetime my family, and family texting conversation where pics and videos of our nieces and nephew are literally right at our fingertips. It’s like watching them grow up, without having to help change a diaper or hear them scream, haha! So yes, despite being 24hrs of driving away from my family, I LOVE where we live.

I’m so thankful that I am able to have a giant garden, free range chickens, a milk cow, go for a two hour walk through the cows and through the pastures, and still be on our property, and not see another person, building, or sign of civilization!
I’m thankful that I’ve come to Love my cows and chickens and they will Always be a part of our life. 
I’m thankful that while most days I only see Jed and my father in law, that I never get lonely, because of my dogs which are always with me, chickens which run to me when they see me, and my cows which love pets and treats!
I’m thankful that the walk to let my chickens out and lock them in at night is always around sunrise(ish, on my part haha) and sunset, so I get to see lots of sunsets in this big sky country.
I’m thankful that I see feeding animals, cleaning the chicken coop, etc etc as part of our everyday life and not a chore.
I’m thankful that Everything in my life is a Constant learning experience. 
I’m thankful for all the lessons I have learned from animals and nature by simply immersing myself in that environment
I’m thankful for the simplicity that gardening, ranching, etc is
I’m thankful that the simple things never grow old; seeing a mama cow bond with her calf, a mother hen and her chicks, the first seedlings to poke their heads threw the soil, seeing cows lay in the pasture and chew their cud; a sign of true content and happiness. 
I’m thankful that our life is quiet, yet not boring. 
Most of all, I’m thankful for the simple things which are the most fulfilling things and very few other things can compare. 

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