L.I.F.E. Series #3: Go to Supper Meal

No matter how much we love, or hate to cook, I think it’s safe to say that we all have a ‘go to’ meal we make. Whether we are sick, lazy, pressed for time, or stuck in a rut, that meal is general something easy, quick, and satisfying!

I had some trouble narrowing it down. Ground beef is definitely my ‘easy’ and quick meat. We get half a beef a year and Tons of ground beef. It’s super easy to throw into a bowl of cold water and be thawed in time for supper.
Anyways, back to the meal.
TACOS! I know I know, how original. I was actually thinking about writing about steak, but remembered that not everyone has a bunch of steaks in their freezer year round. But seriously, it’s the best. Jed does the grilling of it, so all I have to do is make potatoes and a vegetable. Easy easy.

Who doesn’t love tacos?
Doesn’t take much to thaw the meat, cook it up, heat up some refried beans, tortillas, and get the toppings on the table. It’s great and easy for feeding a crowd, and if you’re super efficient, you can even cook the meat ahead of time and keep warm in a crockpot. 
For the meat, we season it with cayenne, chili powder, garlic, cumin, and about half or a third a can of tomato sauce. This just makes it a little more saucier, and the best taco meat ever.
I don’t have any photos of this meal, but instead I’ll share a photo of the taco buffet we had at our wedding. It was fairly simple and easy to make. (am I right, mom?!)  Jed and I actually cooked the meat on the ranch a week or two before the wedding and froze it. That way we just had to pop it in a crockpot and it’ll be taken care of.
The day before the wedding we had lots of help and we cut the tomatoes, made guacamole, and then the day of the wedding it was just a matter of putting the salsa, sour cream, etc all into containers and onto the table!

Ps. I still am in love with all of our wedding details! Our friends/family took my general ideas and turned them into something better than I ever could have imagined! Our wedding was SO us!

Need more quick, go to supper ideas? Check out these ladies posts. They’re all looking a bit more creative than mine haha




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