L.I.F.E. #4 I’m Thankful For

This time of year everyone begins to remember how good their lives are. My “thankful season” has been extra long this year. Ever since June. 

Having Rhett has changed so many things.(I can’t even write a blog post without mentioning him!)

Most of all it has made me rethink so many aspects of my life. The food we eat. How I drive. The temperature in the house (Ask Nikala, it’s always cold! Not so anymore.) All the way up to the way Ryan and I interact with each other. Health, wealth & religion. Kitty cat claws. Chicken poop placement. The probability of that cow getting brave or playful & knocking us over.

All that is to say that I’ve been noticing my life more and more. Not just skating through and I’m thankful for all I see.

I could go into a long & detailed list of all thr things but suffice it to say that most of all I’m thankful for the lifestyle we have chosen and all it provides.

  • Family time
  • Physical provisions
  • Room to roam
  • And living on intuition, imagination and inspiration.

    We’re all really thankful for our readers and love hearing from you, leave a comment and tell us what you’re thankful for! And don’t forget to check out these other lovely ladies and see what fills their hearts with greatfulness!

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    2 Responses to L.I.F.E. #4 I’m Thankful For

    1. such a great post! I have often stopped and just appreciated seeing things through little eyes for the first time.. what are they thinking? What is his little brain trying to take in? It’s so neat being able to really see life through little eyes and change our perspective. I love your post!

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